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Welcome to the KC Family

The KC Summer Kick-Off is centered around the fun! We offer aspects of hospitality throughout the entirety of the horse show; This includes, exhibitor parties, a silent auction, the horsemanship challenge, and our infamous 'So you think you can Ride' mechanical bull tournament!

Doughnut with Chocolate Frosting

Donuts and Coffee!

Every morning, make sure to stop by the office and grab a donut and some coffee! Hopefully the sugar can help start your day of sweetly!

Taco Meal

Fiesta and Margarita Night!

Thursday night, after the horse show make sure to grab a taco and a margarita! Not only that, but spend time with your fellow exhibitors while you much on chips and dip!

Fried Chicken Burger

Famous Zarda BBQ Night!

Friday night, make sure to get some of the famous Zarda KC BBQ! Join us for various sides, meats, and sauces!


The Horsemanship Challenge!

Thursday Night, participate in our walk-and-trot version of the horsemanship challenge. Test your skills and try and make it to the top 10, all while switching onto a horse you've never ridden!

Friday Night, same thing but the walk-trot-canter version! Amateur competitors get ready for the challenge of the horse show!


Mechanical Bull Riding!

Friday night, after BBQ, don't forget to join us for the So you think you can ride, mechanical bull, riding tournament! Ride your way to the winning bracket and win the KC Summer Kick-Off belt buckle! If you aren't a rider, make your own winning bracket and see if you can win prize money for guessing the winning combo!


The Howard Surland Judges Choice Award!

Saturday night, join the center ring ceremony of the judges choice award recipient. 


DJ Song Request!

Thursday & Friday Night, pick a song to be played during your class by our KC Summer Kick-off DJ!

Takeaway Pizza

Pizza Tear Down Party!

Saturday night, after the horses show, pizza is distributed to all the barns as fuel for you packing up and heading back home!

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